Monday, September 18, 2006

The Fall has come...

Actually I have never believed that there is a fall in Libya!!!
I only notice the winter , the summer and much of Qeblee between them both.
No spring, and no fall …
But if we accept the bad Qeblee as a fall , and the nice Qeblee as a spring , then ..yah !!!
There is a spring and a fall in Libya …
Any way, I was walking in my small garden that day , and I noticed that between the real bad Qeblee ..if we take a closer look , we can notice the fall ..
Strong winds take the leaves out of the trees ..and make it sounds like the famous FALL !!!
And even when it is just a dusty , miserable, windy and a HOOOT weather , we can still say that it is the fall ..cause the leaves leave the trees in a peaceful wonderful way , like it was just meant to be , and only the Fall can do that !!!...

Monday, September 11, 2006

This is a small house upon the water ...

Located in: Benghazi_ Libya...In a place called Elsabree الصابرى...
that place basically is the seaside_ الكورنيش _ for the city
The beach there is dirty! Oh yah I mean sooo dirty!
I don’t know who built this small house!!???
But I will call him:
Benghazi's Tom S. توم سوير
It’s weird huh?!!!
For some body just want to escape from the world and built a house like that!!
But, wait a min. No!!! ... Why am I saying it is weird?!!!..
Isn’t that just what we all need?? !! .. A place to hide away and be alone sometimes...
Dear Noje ...we sat, Shosho and Lolo and we watched the view...I thought a lot about you that moment and how far and near you are at the same time!!!
..And u called us by the phone. .. And somehow and some way ...there was the 4 of us there!! ..Just the four of us again..!!
..And I took a picture for the house...with black and white effect...and I just felt that the time has just stopped in that picture...
Anyway when I look at the picture I just find one word for it:

And here is Shosho in the other picture...and the view of the CORNEESH at night...
I found many people there...there is a lot of old men...they just come to watch the beach...some day i saw an old man writing and enjoying his time ..It was a cute view! Yah I think I will like to do that when I get old: write and enjoying my time in the Korneesh! But it seems kind of lonely some how?
Any way there is a lot of stories in that sad KORNEESH for the poor city...but many families and people come just to see the beach even when it is a dirty beach but it is still a part of the great mystery : the sea !!..So dear Noje...hope to be together some day in that sad Korneesh again...and just have fun together again my dear Dosa...I love u Khakho ..And miss u so much!!