Monday, November 24, 2008



The kitchen was her favorite place

So every time I go into the kitchen I remember her..

Her smile and laughs are still all over the place ..

Some times she was angry coz she did want to eat ..

And some times she was happy when I was singing to her

Some times she was mad coz she wanted the attention

and we were busy cooking..

But most of the time

She was happy , playing here and there , trying to open the drawers

To fine new things to play with ....

Your soul and laughs are all over the place my sweet heart

And you know what's funny else

That it has been almost two months now since you have gone

And your kitchen chair is still there . LOL

So I took some of your stuff ..

And I put them on the fridge ...

To remember you ...

and to have your presence still with us

Coz , we all miss you so much

our little angel LONA ......


oummLeen said...

Hey is that my socks in the fridge dear aunt i miss you and every body there my grandparents and sofian and his mom i am doing fine but i miss the big house i miss too many people around me and i am the center of them , here only my mommy and dady and dady i do nto see him most of the time , but i am waiting to our meet coz mom told me that i will see u the next year , i love you all so much and thank you for the lovely post ....Leen

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Dear Nona , we all here miss you so much too , and yes we will me next year inshaallah , and u will be a big girl and I will play with you and we will have a great time inshaalah ...
we all miss to have you and your mum with us ,
luv , ur aunte

Benghazi Citizen said...

That's really touching..
A smile of a child ,a cry of joy or fear ,even a tear drop will be carved in our hearts and minds..
God bless the children for they are the angels of this world..
I had the pleasure of meeting Little Leen once and watching her smile...
Bless you and your family
best regards

abdullah SH said...

wish u meet lona sooon
lovely post `e alot of feelings & emotions ...

farewel tough sensation ..


Benghazi Citizen said...

Happy blessed Eid for you and your family...
Best regards